PCSQ – Printing, Emailing and Document Management Utility

PCSchool has developed an application to undertake the emailing, printing and  Document Management saving from within Back Office. It allows jobs to be queued to allow the end user the ability to continue using PCSchool. The “PCSQ” handles emerges, emailing, including  payslips, statements and voluntary letters, as well as sending documents to “Document Manager.” PCSQ will continue to be implemented throughout Back Office.

Before installing it, please ensure your IT staff have run the scripts on your SQL Server. If you do use our web interface, Spider, additional scripts will be needed  (Please call PCSchool if uncertain about this requirement)

IMPORTANT: Before using PCSQ, please ensure the end users have read STEP 5 of this document. 

PCSchool Version
SQL Version of PCSchool
Version 2014.7.0.535 or greater


  1. Download PCSQ
  2. Copy the PCSQ installer into the server’s …PCSchool\Programs folder
  3. Install PCSQ on the client computer
  4. Enable PCSQ
  5. IMPORTANT – Users must be aware of how PCSQ works

STEP 1 – Download PCSQ

Download PCSQ from http://www.pcschool.net/download/pcsq.zip onto the SQL Server.

Extract the installer, preferably in the PCSchool’s …PCSchool\Programs folder on the server however this is not essential.


Run the installer. If this is the first time this version of PCSQ has been downloaded, select the “Run the initial…” option.



  1. Select your SQL server where PCSchool is installed
  2. The PCSchool SQL Username will generally be pcschool
  3. Enter your pcschool’s SQL password
  4. pcschool is the main workarea. Type in the name of an alternate workarea if not installing against the main workarea.

STEP 2 – Copy the PCSQ installer into the server’s …PCSchool\Programs folder

Copy pcsq.exe to the  PCSchool’s server’s …PCSchool\Programs folder if it is not there already.


Run PCSQ. Select the option “Copy the PCSQ files to Programs folder on the server”


Browse to the PCSchool server’s …PCSchool\Programs folder. Press [Next]. This will extract the files for later updating on the client computers.

STEP 3 – Install PCSQ on the client computer

Currently, PCSQ needs to be installed manually on the client computers. To do this, run PCSQ from the location it is saved in. If the computer will not allow installation from a network share, it will need to be copied to the local computer first. A future version of PCSchool’s updating process will allow the user to install PCSQ as part of a Follow-up.



Select the option “Install PCSQ on a local computer.” The wizard will check for pre-requisites and install them if necessary. It will then locate and install the necessary PCSQ files onto the local computer. This will complete the install.

STEP 4 – Enable PCSQ


Select the check-box as shown below (Scholastic > Utilities > System File Maintenance). This is a school wide setting and can be used to disable PCSQ if necessary by unchecking it.


In some circumstances it is possible to turn the PCSQ off for a particular job.



If you are using the Payment Gateway and wish to add the link for parents to click on to immediately pay their accounts, the Spider URL also needs to be set up Scholastic > Utilities > Identity Management

STEP 5 – IMPORTANT – Users must be aware of how PCSQ works

PCSQ uses real time data – so if you close out of the screen and make changes, this may affect your output. For Payroll, when issuing Payslips DO NOT CLOSE OUT OF THE “PRE ISSUE REPORT SCREEN” otherwise blank payslips will be sent. Even though the email\print\document management job appears within PCSQ, the data is not been retrieved until the job has been processed.


The above example shows a document being saved into the “Student” folder.

  1. If a “Test Email ID” is entered, all mail is re-directed to the email address entered. This is used for testing purposes.
  2. A printer needs to be selected if it is a “PRINT” job.
  3. This button starts the processing of the jobs within the queue.
  4. This message is presented by Back Office.
  5. Pressing [OK] will allow the user to continue using PCSchool, irrespective of whether PCSQ has started processing the jobs. When printing payslips, or sending debtor statements, it is critical to allow PCSQ to complete processing the jobs before continuing with the payment process or rolling a period.