Personal Development

The Personal Development module enables the recording of extra Curricula activities by both
Students and Teachers. The information held within this module can be retained for the life of the
individual within the database. This module can also be very useful when preparing school
references for Students.

Student Certificates are available and can be individually designed to meet School needs.
The Personal Development module can be used for;
 Recording Achievements; Prize Giving – Sporting – Cultural
 Printing Certificates
 Linking to Reports
 Linking to the Alumni

For the full usage of Personal Development set up the Following as required;
 Maintenance Codes for Grouping activities will need to be created
 If the results are to be retained in the Alumni an Activity Code will be required
 If you will be printing School Certificates an Activity Code Heading will need to be created
 Personal Development Codes


Path:  Spider > Staff (General) > Student > Personal Development


Step 1:  To set up new Personal Development codes

– click on link


Step 2: Entering Personal Development

  1. [Student] select the student
  2. [Use Tagset] Select via a  Tag Set Click on this link to see how to use Tagsets
  3. [PD Code] Select from drop down -optional
  4. Select the Personal Development Code from the drop down lis
  5. [Teacher Code] Optional; Select a Teacher
  6. This will default to the Current Year Level of the Students (if using a Tagset will override this)
  7. [Date]  The Date will default to today’s date and can be changed.
  8. [Comment] Optional; enter a comment
  9. [Result] You can enter what the Result was – optional
  10. [SAVE] Click Begin to start the process

  1. Once SAVED
  2. You will see the message “SUCCESS – and how many records it has updated

Step 3:  To View /Edit or Delete Students Personal Development

  1. [Student] Select the Student
  2. This will show all the entries against the Student
  3. [Edit or Delete] you can now edit the entry and the top of the screen or delete if required


Step 4:  To print reports and see the entries please refer to manual page 7 onwards

Click link for manual