Photo Privacy report

This report will show you the students photo privacy:

Step 1: You will have to  have the latest  Spider 2018.12.18

Get you IT to update your spider if not this version.



Step 2: To print your report from Spider

Path: Spider > Staff (General) > Reports > Report Launch >

Select [Use Tagset]

1. Select [Yr/Form/House]
2. Select the [Year Level] as required
3. [Add to Selection]
4. Select if you wish to [Return All in Grid or Return Tagged]

Select from the dropdown the option you wish to select [OK]

Report will then download so you can print it.


To print your report from Back Office:

Path: Scholastic > Administration > Student Summary Reports > tagged Students > Photo Privacy report

  1. Select report located under [Tagged Students] [Photo privacy options per Student]
  2. Use [Tagset]
  3. Select   [Yr/Form/House]
  4. Select your students example is all Current student
  5. [Add Selected to List]
  6. [Return All in Grid] or [Return Tagged only]

Select the option you wish to print:



Example of  ‘Do not publish’ report