Previous School query under Origin Codes

How to do report on previous school of students, the information is drawn from the Student under Origin Codes:

Log into Spider > Setup and Utilities > Spider Administration > Data Mining

  1. Select your work area (usually Main work area)
  2. [Search] Student Origins
  3. Select [Student Origins]
  4. Select [Student File]
  5. Select the following fields in the order you wish to show – although you can arrange when in excel [Surname, Given Name, Current Year]

  1. Select [Origin Codes]
  2. Select [Type, Code, Description]

Select [Filter Condition]

  1. Select the [Student file]
  2. [column Name] – select [Current Year]
  3. [Conditions] – select [Equal to]
  4. [Value] – select *C or the year level you wish to report on
  5. [Add]


  • Select the [Origin Codes]
  • [column Name] – select [Type]
  • [Conditions] – select [Equal to]
  • [Value] – select the code you use – in this example it is ‘S’
  • [Add]

Then select [Search] – you will see a list of all students :

You have the following options:  in this example you would select [Export] which creates a csv file

  1. [Open Query] – use for a query that you have saved and you wish to use again
  2. [Save] – use to save a query so you can use again
  3. [Export] – creates a report as a csv file for you to open in excel