Printing a report of who has not completed the Online Subject selection

To print a report of who has not completed their “Online Subject Selection”, or those that have, within Spider, select the menu “Staff (General)”>Reports>Report Launch

Select the [Home Class Reports] report launch.

You should see a report called “Students without Subjects” (Alias Name:  STUSUBSEL.RPT) – if you cannot see this report, or it has not been made available in Spider, please call the PCSchool help desk. It needs to be set up in Back Office as shown below.

Scholastic>Utilities>Report Alias settings


Select this report to view or download


  1.  Select from Current Students Year Level or
  2. You can restrict the students to a Tagset instead of a year level
  3. Press [Download Report]


When the popup screen appears:

  1. Select the Period_ID (The period the subject selection is being saved into)
  2. make a selection of the students you wish to see
  3. Press [OK]