Prior Year Attendance Data / Statistics

Australian Schools are often asked by government bodies to provide the attendance rate/percentage for students for the prior year. This is best run from your prior year snap shot (eg CurrData2016) and via the ‘Teacher’ module.

Following are instructions on how this can be done.


STEP 1 – Teacher.exe version 2015 or older

In the PCSLaunch folder on the machine where the report is to be run, ensure you have a version of the Teacher.exe that is dated 2015 or older.

An ‘old’ version of the Teacher.exe can be downloaded from here.


STEP 2 – Accessing Prior Year Data

As the information needed is usually based on your Year 12 students for last year, you will need to access your Prior Year Snapshot.

  1. Locate your Prior Year Curriculum Data workarea
  2. Select the Teacher Portal module and log in.


STEP 3 – Run the Attendance Totals Summary report

Path:  Administration > Attendance and Behaviour Reports

  1. Select the ‘Student Absence’ tab.
  2. Select the ‘Analysis (Graphical) report style.
  3. Select the date range – must be less than 45 weeks.
    1. NOTE: If your school year spanned more than 45 weeks you may have to run the report once for the first 6 months, then again for the second 6 months and manually calculate your average.
  4. Select the year level/s
  5. Select the ‘Attendance Totals Summary’ report.
  6. Select ‘Print’.
    1. NOTE: depending on the number of students in the selection this report may take a long time to generate – possibly up to 20-30 minutes. You will need to let the program run until the report appears.