~Recent Changes

This page provides information about recent documentation updates. It is worth looking at this in conjunction with the Spider’s “Change Log” page. Sometimes new Spider features are released ahead of the the documentation.

Date Module Description URL
31/05/2019 Payroll Fringe Benefit processing Payroll
31/05/2019 Payroll Deduction after tax – using a Pay Table Payroll
31/05/2019 Payroll End of Financial Year Payroll – 30th June 2019 Payroll
16/07/2018 Payroll Single Touch Payroll Upload Single Touch
16/07/2018 Attendance Update “Group Absence Entry” section Attendance Flow
06/07/2018 Freedom Caregiver Communication: Data Mining and General Messaging Freedom Communication
08/04/2018 Spider Menu Update Menu Document Spider Menu
19/01/2018 Pay Student Fees Release of the new responsive interface Pay Fees
19/01/2018 2018 Spider Desktop Changes to the Spider’s interface to make access to menus easier 2018 Menu
27/11/2017 FACTS Integration Option for Debtors FACTS
22/11/2017 PCSentry Updated functionality – attaching reasons to a device PCSentry
21/08/2017 Spider – General Messaging (Email v2) The new communication control including TXT and PUSH notifications General Messaging
21/08/2017 Conference Info Preview the new developments and controls shown at this year’s conference Conference 2017
21/08/2017 Spider – Interface New Single Tab option available Spider Interface
25/05/2017 eForms Added eForms to the help website to download eForms
24/05/2017 Spider – Co-curricula Co-curricula entries and code creation can now be undertaken in Spider Co-curricula
16/05/2017 Spider – Roll Marking Added option to hide alert bands in the Roll Marking view  Roll Marking
15/05/2017 Spider – Home Page Added refresh option to ‘My timetable for today’ Roll Marking
19/04/2017 Absence Review Added ability to view change history of absence status for students. Attendance
03/05/2017 Online Profile Update Added a new verification feature to allow admin users to approve changes. Online Profile Update
13/03/2017 Behaviour with Workflows Added the ability to email the Dean or Subject Teacher on behaviour save. Current documentation does not list these options so no changes necessary. Behaviour with Workflows
10/03/2017 Spider – Payment Portal Link Cost Centre option moved to now appear in the Finance Menu  – see page 10 of User Guide Online Payments
20/02/2017 Alert Bars Special Needs Alerts added as an option Special Needs
31/01/2017 Spider – My Classes V2 Video created for teachers demonstrating how control works My Classes V2
31/01/2017 Spider – Timetable V2 Video created for teachers demonstrating how control works Timetable V2
31/01/2017 Spider – Roll Marking Video created for teachers demonstrating how control works

Popup advising that students in the selected class have late arrival / early departure

Roll Marking
30/01/2017 Back Office – Admin Adding the ability to perform SQL Backup with Back Office SQL Backup
 30/01/2017  Spider – Absent Entry Catering for 6 quick select buttons in roll marking  Absent Entry
 30/01/2017  Setting up Timetable Periods  Configuring Timetable Period Header file  Timetable Periods
 29/01/2017 Back Office – Attendance Attendance Code summary status changes  Summary Status