Roll Marking – Changing Default Buttons

PCSchool allows schools to select which Absence Code/Statuses to use as the shortcut buttons in the Absence Entry(Roll Marking) screen within Spider. Spider will pick up  the first six codes from the attendancecodes.xml file found in the …\PCSchool\Documents folder on the PCSchool server. To change the codes or the order of the codes simply open the attedancecodes.xml file in notepad and re-arrange the codes so that the six you want as the default buttons are at the top. NOTE: The NM button for ‘Not Marked’ is hard coded and can not be removed. When moving codes, ensure that the entire block <code> to </code> is shifted. It is strongly advised to have a backup of this file in case something goes awry.

The 6th column will show the 6th attendance code UNLESS another absence code other than the top 6 has been marked. This may be the case if an absence has been entered through Back Office.


The codes above will form the basis for the quick entry codes in Absence Entry (Roll Marking) as seen below. The order within Absence Entry is based on the order they appear in the attendancecodes.xml file.

It is also possible to display an alternate code for teachers to see on the Roll Marking screen. Anything entered in the <reason> element before a <space>hyphen<space> will display instead of the actual code. This is often used in New South Wales to display a lowercase ‘a’ but can be used to display more than 1 character. In the example below, the code stored in background is a “Q” however teachers will see “NR” when marking the roll.