SCAS – Student Conveyance Allowance System

What is SCAS?

The Department has introduced an online Student Conveyance Allowance System (SCAS) to replace the previous paper based system. SCAS is available to all schools (government and non government) eligible to participate in the Conveyance Allowance Program.

SCAS is designed to support changed and improved business processes that include:

  • Interface with CASES21 to access government school student data.
  • Importing non government school student data using extracts from existing administrative systems.
  • Recording student transport information on a per student basis.
  • The performing of key eligibility checks by the system to assist schools in authorising applications.
  • Lodgement of supporting documentation for consideration by the Family Payments Unit.
  • Online lodgement of claims.
  • The reporting of payments made to applicants.
  • The provision of on line access to the status of claims during processing.
  • The roll forward of applications at the end of each school year.
  • Please see link for further details


  1. Download the VDF Query link
  2. Extract the query and copy the file to your vdf queries folder or place on your desktop
  3. In PCSchool > Scholastic > Utilities > VDF Query


  1. Open the vdf query file that you saved – this will insert all the fields as above


  1. Select [Selection]
  2. Select [Student Tagset]

Select your students via [Individual] or from [Yr/form/House] and delete the students that you do not wish to go on the list.

  1. Select [Output] tab
  2. Tick in [Include column names]
  3. Select [File – drop down] and select where you wish the file to be saved.


You will need to open the saved .csv file and  check the data

Then replace the headings from the SCAS template


Upload to your Government website.