Security Setup – Interview Booking

For parents to book an interview, no specific security is required. The following security objects are related to staff users. The Access, Edit, Delete and Create options do not affect how the user can interact with the controls. The fact the user has the security item will allow them to use the full functionality of the relevant control.

Security Object Purpose
Interview Availability Users with this security are able to make themselves unavailable for particular time slots once the interview has been created. Some schools will allow staff to utilise this themselves, whereby other schools may have a single person who is tasked with this role.
Interview Booking Users with this security are able to book interviews for people. This is done by selecting the interview, then the staff member concerned. This can be used if parents do not have Internet access or an email address for sending the invite. Some school have a designated person parents can see to do this on their behalf.
Interview Management This security is necessary for creating, editing and deleting interviews. It should only be allocated to the people specifically tasked with setting up the interview schedules.