Security Setup – Online Order Entry

Online Order Entry

To make an order in Spider the following security is required:

542 – Order Entry View 

Permissions for e.g. Teachers to be able to see only their purchase orders –  set security as per screen shot:


For Teachers to be able order against their projects codes:

Under  Staff View > Role tab   – enter the project code as per screenshot:

Note:  You can tick if they are a  ‘Project coordinator’ or additional coordinator – or  wish to record it for the future.

If they were set up in back office as a “Project coordinator”  they will be able to see Order Entry without assigning a Role



For accounts payable or other staff to see all orders – set their security as per screen shot:

For administrators to set up Orders Workflows and Projects:

620 – Ledger Maintenance Tasks – allows to see all Project codes  (e.g. Business Manager they can create orders without having roles allocated – as they may use a lot of different projects)
622 – Ledger Posting Acct Entry
623 – Ledger Budget Codes Maint
640 – Ledger Reports

To create workflows within Spider.

556 – Workflow Project Management


To set up orders workflows and projects – please see Manual for instructions on setting up