Security Setup – Incident Tracker

810 – Incident View

This security allows the user to see the Incident Tracker for the matching types they have security for.

811 – Incident Setup
This security allows the user to create and manage the Incident Types as seen below.


812 – Incident Type 1
813 – Incident Type 2
814 – Incident Type 3
815 – Incident Type 4
816 – Incident Type 5
Based on which security the user has, they will be able to see the incidents relating to that type. The ability to add, edit and delete the information about the incidents is based on the Access, Create, Edit and Delete aspect of the associated security.



  1. All cells will have text in them by default
  2. Hide the field by removing the text (leave the field blank)
  3. Rename the field by typing in different text
  4. Options from Maintenance Codes setup
  5. Category can be tied to a security item to restrict access to specific staff
  6. Save your settings and Exit the screen