Security Setup – Student and Caregiver Management (Freedom only)

The control uses a hybrid approach to security to maintain the current Back Office behaviour. For newer functionality, security needs to be added to show a button, whist for previous compatibility a “Deny” security needs to be added to remove it. When adding the “Deny” security, remove the tick from the ‘Access” option.

Base Security: 262 (Currently not sensitive to Access, Create, Edit, Delete options) meaning that this control allows all available fields to be edited. The user will need a minimum of Access in the future however currently this will still behave as if all options are checked.

As well as the tabs on the left, the base security also allows users access to the following features…

No. Function Add to Remove Description
1 Enrolment/Departure 294 Deny Student Enrolment Access
2 Scholastic 295 Deny Student Scholastic Access
3 Origin/Ethnicity
4 Student User Defined
5 Personal 296 Deny Student Personal Access
6 Attendance History
7 Medical Conditions 297 Deny Student Medical Access
8 Vaccination History 297 Deny Student Medical Access
9 Comments 299 Deny Student Comments Access
10 Boarding
11 Misc 290 Deny Student Misc. Access
12 Student Medical Entry 298 Deny Student Med. Hist. Access
13 Student Documents
14 Student eForms
15 Family Misc 293  Deny Family Misc Access
16 Family User Defined
17 Family eForms

Add security to show the following options

No. Function Security Description
1 Special Needs 283 Student Special Needs Access
2 International 482 International Student
3 Student Identity and Security 804 Identity View