Set Markbook Results to Scale to Numeric or Alpha

In Markbook V2 you can set columns to scale alpha results to numeric (eg. a result of ‘A’ is converted to a score of 5, B to 4, C to 3 etc), and numeric results to alpha (eg. a result of between 100 and 85 is converted to A, 84-70 a B, 69 to 50 a C etc).

Steps involved:

  1. Create a Validation Code in Maintenance Codes
  2. Create a Result Table in Curriculum Control Files
  3. Create a column in Markbook to convert the result to the scaled result



Path:   Utilities > Maintenance Codes

Markbook_ScaleTo_Maintenance Codes

  1. Select the Type of VALIDATION (if Type does not currently exist see Creating New Maintenance Code Type)
  2. Create a Code and enter a Description, Tab off the line to save

You will need to Refresh PCSchool for these new codes to become available.



Path:  System Functions > Curriculum Control Files > Areas of Assessment > Result Tables

For converting a Letter Result to a Numeric Value:

Markbook_ScaleTo_Result Table

  1. Select the Validation Category you created in STEP 1
  2. Select Type as Scale to Numeric  or Scale to Alpha
  3. Enter a Description
  4. Enter in the letter Result
  5. Enter in the Numeric Value this letter Result should be converted to, Tab off the line to save

Example for converting a Numeric Value to a letter Result:

Markbook_ScaleTo_Result Table2

It will always take the UPPER VALUE as falling within the range.





Path:  Spider > Markbook V2

You must have created your markbooks for Spider (see Markbook with Formula Documents).

A column must exist for the result to be entered in by the teacher, and a column that will show the scaled / converted result.Markbook_Columns


To Add / Edit a Column to the Markbook for the Scaled Result:Markbook_Columns Add

  1. Must select the COLLATING version of Markbook to add/edit columns
  2. Select [Manage Columns]
  3. Select to [Edit] existing column or create a new column by typing in a Column Heading
  4. Select the Validation code created in STEP 2
  5. Options here may vary:
    • If column was created in Back Office and you are editing it the synch information should default.
    • If the column has been manually added through Spider and you:
      • wish to save the scaled / converted results in the markbook only select the options as shown above.
      • wish to save the scaled / converted results to the student (to print on reports) you will need to Manually Synch the column to the correct fields.
  6. [Save] the column settings.


Add Formula to Scaled Result Column:Markbook_Formula


  1. Select [Manage Formulas]
  2. Select the Source Column – where the result to be converted will be
  3. Select the Formula of CONVERT
  4. Select the Destination Column – where the converted result is to be saved
  5. Select [Apply this] beside the Formula field
  6. Formula will appear in the Applied Formula field
  7. [Save] the formula



Enter results:Markbook_Result Entry

  1. Enter letter result
  2. Enter numeric result
  3. Select [Refresh Formulas]
  4. Scaled result will appear in relevant columns.