Security Setup – Spider Modules Overview

This document outlines the current controls available within Spider, as well as their associated security. The “Security User” for the logged in person will require the security to see the control. Where “Configuration” is mentioned, the behaviour of the control will be affected by a configuration settings within Spider, additional Security or settings with PCSchool Back Office.  Additional information about the security for some controls is detailed with a hyper-link in the table below .

In March 2019 PCSchool undertook a range of measures to ensure Security Administrators of PCSchool are able to better manage individual users rights. For  Spiders greater than 2019.03.19.0321 the following applies.

1) Security Objects are Renamed
Security objects have been prefixed to indicate their intended user type. Some security objects can be used by more than one type of user so will have multiple tags. The following tags are being used. In the summary below, any {A} should be considered to be {T}.

{T} For Admin and Teaching Staff
{C} For Caregivers
(S} For Students

A new filter has been added to the “Security Management” control to allow security objects to be filtered to ensure only the appropriate type is shown.

2) Auto filtering of security objects not designed for the user type
*** This feature has been reviewed and is now catered for within the control allowing users with multiple user types to be able to have access to controls that other users with the same security user will not (E.g. A Staff member who is also a caregiver.) The “Auto Filtering” does not occur at login. ***

3) A “Staff” identity MUST be in the Staff database
Previously schools could tick the Staff checkbox of a caregiver’s identity to allow them access to staff based controls. This was used when caregivers were undertaking a role within the school that required access to a staff based control. For Spiders greater than 2019.03.19.0321, the person MUST also be present in the Staff View to allow them access to staff controls. If they are not found in the staff table, staff only security objects will be filtered from their profile login. When creating these staff records, they can be classified as a “Volunteer” so they do not appear in the staff pick-lists. These records will not have any impact on payroll.

4) A “Staff” login sensitive to the “Date Left” field
Previously staff members could continue to log into Spider when the “Date Left” field in their staff record had a date entered. The login procedure will now prevent a staff member from logging in when the current date is greater than the “Date Left” value.

5) Requirement to have “Student View” to see student names in menu selection lists.
The security 271 “Student View” will be mandatory for any control where students can be selected. This includes controls such as “Student Information”, “Behaviour Notes”, “Medical Incidents” as well as the App. It is possible to add 271 without adding any of the additional aspects of this control to restrict what users can see.

6) New security for a caregiver who is also performing a staff role
When a caregiver is granted access to staff controls, a new security has be created to restrict the student menu drop-downs to their own children should they have any at the school. This new security is 215 “Restrict Dropdowns to Own Children”. This allows schools who have assigned caregivers staff roles to only see student information based on their own children despite being in the “Staff View”.
These changes have been adopted to ensure unintended access to student information is minimised. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact the PCSchool help desk.

Managing Spider Security

Spider Menu

Code Description
{} A=Admin/Teacher T=Teacher C=Caregivers S=Students
$ Purchasable – free if owned in Back Office
NYI Not Yet Implemented
(Student Info) Make available within the Student Information control


Control Security Item Description
Absence Entry – V2
(Roll Marking)
Affected by 1105
Attendance roll marking (with alerts and link to student behaviour and absence review).
Teacher selects subject / period to mark.
Can be used by relief teachers to select another teacher’s class
Absence Review
694 Teachers can review the attendance for students in each of their classes for a selected date range.
Deans can review the attendance for students in their dean group / year level for a date range.
Student attendance can be modified and changed.
Security Setup
Customise individual Spider controls including, edit heading and text, add help text / links.
View and edit settings in the Spider configuration file
Customise / edit email templates
Branding tool for Spider
Alumni Settings
Alumni Portal
UNDER REVIEW Administrators use the Alumni Settings control to:
Set the minimum number of similarities between the alumni fields in the database and those entered in by the alumni user when creating an account (eg. Surname, Class of) for auto approval.
Set the email address of the person at the school that will manage / authenticate alumni information for the Spider.
Select which Newsletters to allow alumni to subscribe to.
Alumni / Past Pupils use the in the Alumni Portal to:
Register and receive a Username/Password.
View files saved to their ‘Class of’ folder in Document Management.
Update their profile, editing their address, contact, enrolment and career information.
Subscribe/unsubscribe to various newsletter mailings.
Security Setup
1200 – 1204
The App allows 2 way communication between mobile devices and the school. It provides caregivers with information regarding their student/s. It also provides the wider community with School based information.
Appeals and Funds ($)
584 Requires purchase of Pay Student Fees control with additional charge for customisation.
Donation contributors submit secure payments on-line.
Current supported payment gateway is DPS.
Fees apply for integration with an alternate provider.
Attendance Flow Security Setup
Also affected by
This module provides all of the full functionality to maintain attendance within the school including Roll Marking, Early Notification, bulk absence entry Calendar Setup and attendance code setup.
Behaviour Notes
Security Setup
Also affected by
424, 425, 426, 427, 428
Teachers can enter in:
Negative and positive student behaviour.
General notes and special notes (eg. notes on counselling sessions or parent interviews).
Entries can be emailed to staff, parents or the student upon saving.
Quick links to:View student subjects, absences and timetable.
Email based on student.
Print reports on Behaviours or Actions.Security can be set to:
Allow or deny teachers access to each area within the behaviour – Discipline, Merits, Notes and Special Notes.
Allow teachers to only see incidents they have entered or to see all entries by all staff.
BehaviourNotes –Custom
Security Setup
Also affected by
424, 425, 426, 427, 428,555
Requires Behaviour Workflows be purchased and setup accordingly
Teachers use this control to enter in student behaviour records based on the workflows created through the Curriculum Generic Workflows control.
555 Administrators use the Curriculum Generic Workflows control to create workflows which:
Relate to Negative and Positive behaviours (Behaviour and Merit), General Notes and Special Notes.
Define what fields are to be exposed and customise field names.
Predefine demerit / merit points for each behaviour.
Predefine which actions apply to each behaviour.
Teachers use the Behaviour Notes – Custom control to enter in student behaviour records based on the workflows created through the Curriculum Generic Workflows control.
BudgetDashboard ($){A} 597
Replaced by Financial Reporting
Department Heads use the Budget Dashboard control to:
View / Print department reports.
Check budget status.
Calendar & DailyNotices ($){ATCS} Security Setup
Also affected by
460 – 474
Administrators use the Calendar Setup control to:Add and propagate holiday and term start/finish dates to the calendar.
Set up Note Types.Administrators (and teachers) use the Calendar Management control to:
Enter, edit or remove calendar events for specific Note Types.
Enter Daily Notices.
Teachers / care givers / students use the Calendar Preview control.
Calendar Preview is sensitive to logged on user and will show events based on:
Note Types allocated to the user through security settings.
Subjects and classes taught by the teacher.
Year Level and subjects studied by the student.
Entries relevant to the students in the family.
Interviews booked through the Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler will automatically show for the relevant care giver and teacher.
Personal entries added by the user (if allowed through security).
Print calendar.
Export calendar to MS Outlook and Google format.
Daily notices displays notices for students in teachers class.Assessment items can be added in bulk from Curriculum Control in Back Office or individually by the subject co-ordinator / HOD via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control.
Class Reports
 270 Teachers can print reports based on their form class or subject classes.
Reports can include assessment reports, class lists with photos, emergency lists and more.
Co-curricular 269 Create cohorts of students based on extra-curricular involvement including sporting and cultural teams, trip participants, clubs… Once created, these groups can be selected for list printing, emailing, invoicing…, with selected activities being included on assessment reports.
Collating Markbooks($)
Also affected by
418 and configurations
Deans and subject heads can review and edit student results for all students in a subject for a whole year level.
Contains all the same features as Markbooks but also includes ability to:
Edit, add, move and delete columns in the markbook.
Delete the markbook entirely.
Debtor Dashboard($)
Also affected by

This control shows outstanding Debtor amounts, invoices, held deposits and receipts which can be drilled down on. Security 599 will allow staff to select a family, without it, they will be restricted to their own family  information.
Document Explorer ($)
Security Setup
Also affected by
819 – 839
Now accessed via ‘Student Information’ and ‘My Classes’ controls
Security can be set to allow:
Access to various folders – Shared, General and Restricted.
Rights to add, edit or delete files in folders.
Can be used for storing assessment reports, fee statements and payslips, submitting assessment items and class work and sharing files such as video, photos and more.
Teachers can:
Access their individual staff folder.
Access and create folders for their classes or individual students in those classes.
Students can:
Access individual or subject / year folders.Care Givers can:
Access individual student folders for their children.
Access family folder.
Security Setup
511Also affected by
510, 512
eForm allows the creation of documents for applications, permission slips and any other paper based form with the addition of allowing Workflows and multi decision makers.
Create forms for staff, caregivers and students to complete.
Target an eForm to a specific audience
Messaging General
Security Setup
850, 851, 852, 853
Email, PUSH or SMS (TXT) Staff, Students and Caregivers based on a Tag Set.
Add additional external addresses.
610 FACTS Debtor Management Integration
Financial Reporting ($)
Security Setup
Also affected by
619, 620, 640, 643
This control provides access for finance staff to view Financial Reports including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Budget Reports and for subject coordinators to view Budget Reports and drill down on their expenditure/income areas. Ledger Maintenance Tasks #620 security allows the administrator/finance officer to set which reports can be viewed and which accounts can be drilled down on by certain staff. Ledger Reports#640 security allows staff to view the reports and drill down on the information.
Guidance ($)
805 Guidance Officers can now record and track student referrals and welfare.
The information can be searched, allowing users to view entries for a day or date range, records assigned to specific counsellors or records relating to specific students. Statistics on the guidance records allows users to view the number of entries per counsellor, by gender, by presenting issue and more.
Incident Tracker ($)
Security Setup
Also affected by
811 – 816
Incident Tracker allows for the tracking of a variety of incidents within the school. This can range from Health And Safety incidents to behavioural type issues. Users are able to view, create, edit or delete incidents based on their security.
International Students ($)
Security Setup
Also affected by
720 – 741
Administrators use International Homestay Admin control to:
Allocate homestay agent and care giver to students, view logs and print reports.
Students use International Homestay Students control to:
Give feedback and rate their homestay experience.
Admin, Agents, Care Giver and Staff use the International Homestay Log to:
Add and review notes added to the log for individual homestay agents and care givers.
Administrators use International Homestay Questionnaire Maintenance control to:
Construct questionnaires regarding the homestay.
Students, agents and care givers use the International Homestay Questionnaire control to:
Respond to the questionnaire.
Interview Scheduler ($)
Security Setup
430, 431, 432
Administrators use the Set up Interviews control to:
Quickly and easily create an interview based on:
Date range, start and finish time, session length (in minutes) and subject period.student subjects, form teacher and dean / year coordinator.
Generate emails to care givers with unique link to make bookings.
Care givers are not required to have a Spider login/password to use this.
View care giver booking screen to make bookings on care givers behalf.
Print reports.Teachers use the Manage My Booking Availability control to:
Indicate session times they will not be available for interviews (option to include reason).
Review bookings made by care givers and move them to another time or delete the booking.
Email notification can be sent to care giver when moving / deleting a booking.
Print a list of their interview bookings or view outstanding interview requests to care givers.
Care Givers use the Teacher Availability Slot control to:
Make or change bookings for their students.
Email a teacher.Print a list of their interview bookings.
Library Remote Circulation Kiosk ($){TCS} 702 Used as an adjunct to the Library Module. The Library OPAC search enables staff and students to:Perform online search of Library catalogue.
Search results are controlled by security.
Search on title, author, series or key word.
Use to borrow eResources.
Reserve items online
Self-checkout kiosk
Live Reporting – Assessment 413
303 (Student Info)
View student results live NZQA or NAPLAN results
Live Reporting – Attendance 699
302 (Student Info)
Analyse student attendance data
Analyse cohort attendance data by ethnicity, gender, day of week
Find students with irregular attendance patterns
Markbooks V2 ($)
Security Setup
Also affected by
Teachers enter student assessment results and comments for each class.
Markbook view is based on a table like format and is created in bulk through Back Office.
Validation options can be set for each type of assessment; invalid entries are shown in red.
Bulk allocate the same result to all students for an assessment.
Student results can be saved directly to the database, or saved into the markbook only prior to review and saving by the subject head in Collating Markbooks.
Teachers can create and manage personal markbooks for their own record keeping for each class.
Print the markbook to PDF format or export to Excel.
My Classes
259 Lists form class and subjects taught by the teacher.
Class based options include:
Print class lists.Export class to Excel.
Email based on class.
Class Documents (Document Manager)
Individual student based options include:
View student details.
View student subjects.
View student absences.
View student timetable.
View student based documents (Document Manager)
View / enter student behaviour.
Email based on student.
My Timetable
273 Mark roll from hyper link on timetable view
View students enrolled in subject
Email class students/caregivers
Notification Panel
306 – New Absence Notifications This panel provides quick links to roll marking, absences and eForms based on the logged in staff member.
Online Co-Curriculum Selection ($)
225 Set up of activities and groups is done in Back Office.
Administrators use the Student Activity Line Construction control to create selection options.
Activity selection options can be created based on:
Fixed / compulsory activities.
Mutually exclusive activities (eg. select one activity from a group).
Linked activities (eg. Gymnastics and Calisthenics must be taken together).
Individual activities (eg. select 3 from a group of 10 options).
Administrators use the Student Activity – Admin control to:
Generate email to selected students / care givers with a unique link to activity choices.
Students / care givers will receive an email with a unique link that will take them directly to the Activity Choice Selection screen.
Students/care givers are not required to have a Spider login/password to use this.
Activity choices can be made based on High, Medium and Low priority or Chosen and Not Chosen.
Reserve activities can be selected (in case priority activities are not available).
Activity choice screen can be revisited and changed until deactivated by administrator.
Online Enrolment Portal ($)
235 Includes the Profile Update control.Administrators use the Profile Update – Admin or Profile Update control to:
Create a basic student record and generate reference number to be given to care giver.
Care givers use the Enrolment Kiosk control (or link to it from email or school website) to:
Enter their student and family data on-line.
New student information is saved directly to the student database and can be edited as needed through Back Office or Profile Update controls.
Online Order Entry ($)
Security Setup
542, 556, 620, 622, 623, 640
Administrators use the Workflow Listing control to:
Create workflow procedures based on multiple conditions.
Set notification order for when workflow steps are completed.
Administrators then use the Project Workflow control to:
Set the users for the various workflows based on Ledger Project Codes.
These Project Codes are linked to budget amounts in the GL.Teachers use the Order Entry control to:Raise Purchase Orders using the Project Code to indicate the budget area to be used.
Schools can restrict orders being created / saved on the basis of sufficient funds in their budget.Orders are then sent to the relevant persons for approval based on the Workflow.
Administrators use the Process Statistics control to monitor the status of web based orders to view:If an order has been emailed.If an order is still awaiting approval and by whom.
Online Subject Selection ($)
Also affected by
Set up of subjects is done in Back Office.
Subject selection options can be created based on:
Fixed / compulsory subjects.Mutually exclusive subjects (eg. select one subject from a group).
Linked subjects (eg. Music and Music Theory must be studied together).
Grouped subjects (eg. select 3 from a group of 10 options).
Selections can be for Current Year or Next Year subject choices.
Administrators use the Optional Subjects – Administration control to:
Generate email to selected students/care givers with a unique link to subject choices.
Include subject description and assessment description information (as entered through Subject and Assessment Criteria control).
Students / care givers will receive an email with a unique link that will take them directly to the Subject Choice Selection screen.
Students / care givers are not required to have a Spider login/password to use this.
Subject choices can be made based on High, Medium and Low priority or Chosen and Not Chosen.
Reserve subjects can be selected (in case priority subjects are not available).
Subject choice screen can be revisited and changed until deactivated by administrator.
Link to the Subject Selection screen will show in Student Information (viewable by student, care giver and teacher) and Quicklinks (viewable by student and care giver) controls while active
Based on saved subject selections the timetable can be created within PCSchool Back Office.
Requires Subjects & Assessment module for Back Office be purchased and set up accordingly
Pay Student Fees($)
583 Care givers submit secure payments on-line.
Information on outstanding fees are drawn from the Debtors and include:
Unpaid invoices and unused credits in Debtors Proper.
Unpaid invoices and unused credits in Sundry Debtors.
Additional / optional fees can also be applied to Held Deposits/Voluntary Donations/General Ledger Payments.
Currently supported payment gateways are DPS and WestPac.Fees apply for integration with an alternate provider.
Portal Administration Security Setup
Also affected by
-101, 102, 620, 804, 854,
Manage Security Groups, Assign Identities to Security Users, Add and Remove Spider favourites, Monitor Web Activity, Configure Spider, Customise Controls, Brand Spider, Edit Email Templates, Set Up A Payment Portal
Profile Update($)
221 Create new student record. Update existing student records. Used by schools with multi campuses who do not have access to add / edit student data through Back Office or the new Freedom Student Management or wish staff to only edit restricted parts of a student record.
Profile Update Admin ($)
{A}Many schools are now utilising eForms for this purpose as it offers more flexibility.
222 Add / Edit students as with Profile Update control but also used for emailing care givers link to update their own information.
Select the fields to be updated including:
Caregiver contact and address details
Student general and medical information
Generate email to selected care givers with a unique link to their profile update page.
Modified data can be saved directly, or be flagged for review by staff prior to saving.
Care givers will receive and email with a unique link that will take them directly to the Profile Update screen to review and update their student and family data on-line.
Profile Update screen can be revisited and changed until deactivated by administrator
Quick Links Maintenance
980 Use the Quick Link Maintenance control to:
Add hyperlinks to useful web pages or on-line resources including (User type sensitive). These may include your school website, newsletter or directories. Other related websites or downloads can be added.
Quick Links
 981 Links are added through the Quick Link Maintenance control.
Displays hyperlinks to useful web pages or on-line resources including school website, newsletter, directories and other related websites or downloads
A link to students on-line subject selection and family profile update page will automatically appear here if active (Care givers/Students only)
Links to view available eForms
Report Launch 270 Launch a variety of reports from different areas of PCSchool.
ResourceBooking ($){AT} Security Setup
Also affected by
485, 487, 488
Administrators use the “Setup Resources” control to:
Add rooms (from Timetable) and assets (from Asset Register) for booking.
Allocate hourly/daily rates for hiring and billing purposes.
Indicate days / times when certain resources are available.
Generate an email with a unique link to the booking screen to allow users (such as external organisations) to book resources such as the school oval or hall.
Teachers use the Resource Booking control to:
View availability and book resources (rooms or assets)
Create recurring bookings.
Result Entry
Also affected by
Through Result Entry teachers enter student assessment results and comments for each class.
Result Entry views are customised for each school using an underlying formatting XMLs allowing:
Alpha and/or numeric free form fields.
Check boxes, radio buttons and validation drop down lists.
Comments from comment bank or free-form (spell checked by English dictionary).Print and review the student reports as results and comments are added.Through Student Result Entry care givers and students can:
Enter predictive results or comments on what they hope to achieve.
View results and comments entered by teachers and give feedback.
Room Timetable ($)
273 To check if a room is free / available
Search Student Timetable ($)
288 To find the location of a student
Search Teacher Timetable ($)
Also affected by
To find the location of a teacher
Sign In/Out 255 Used in conjunction with GateKeeper
Staff are able to record when the leave/arrive at school
Staff Management (Freedom Only)
240 This control is used to add and edit staff details. It replaces the “Staff View” control of Back Office for Freedom schools.
Student Co-Curriculum Data Entry ($)
269 Allocate sporting or co-curricular activities to students individually or in bulk via Tag Set.View and edit individual student activities.Print reports.
Student Information
Security Setup
Also affected by
211, 212, 226, 272, 284, 277, 278, 279, 280, 283, 287, 296, 300,302, 303, 420, 696, 698, 819-839
Click link above for further detail
Teachers can select any student / Care givers can select only their students and view:
Alert messages.
Enrolment and emergency details with student photo.
Care giver and address details.
Absences and lates.
Student medical conditions.
Student ethnicity.
Student special needs.
Student subjects and timetable (with print timetable button).
Student documents (Document Manager)Print student based reports.Teachers have quick links to:
Student behaviour notes.
Email based on student.
Student Subject Selection link (if enabled)Parents have quick links to:
Student Subject Selection link for their student/s (if enabled)
Family Profile Update link for their student/s (if enabled)
Assessment Analysis
Attendance Analysis
Student and Caregiver Management (Freedom only)
Security Setup
Also affected by 290, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 298, 299, 428, 482, 804 +Docman
This control replaces the “Student View” of Back office. It is used to edit and add new students into the system, as well as manage caregiver information.
Student Medical Entry
211 (Student Info)

Now part of Student Information
Can be used by Teachers or School Nurse/Sick Bay.
Review and update student medical information including:
Medical conditions.
Allergies & alerts.
Emergency contact including doctor and dentist information.
Vaccination history.
Review and add medical incidents (visits to sick bay, medication given, injuries etc).
Entries can be emailed to staff, parents of the student upon saving.
Student Personal Development ($)
Also affected by
Allocate personal development items to students individually or in bulk via Tag Set.View and edit individual student items.
Student Result Entry
421 Caregivers and Students can entered results based on a pre-defined format
Used to allow students to enter predictive results
Caregivers can comment on assessment items
Student Timetable
274 To view and print student timetable – designed for teachers.
Student Wizard
414 Allocate subjects to students easily
Balance class numbers
See student’s timetable on change
Subject and Assessment Criteria ($)
490 Drawn from curriculum plans in Back Office.
Displays the subjects for a plan period (Term 1, Term 2, Semester 1 etc)
Deans and subject heads can enter:Subject description for the period.
Description of subject areas of assessment for the period.
Choose to allocate the area of assessment to the Calendar with a date and attachment/s.
This information can be used by students when making their On-line Subject Selections or viewed when looking at Student Subjects in Student Information and by Teachers in My Classes and Result Entry.
Requires Subjects & Assessment module for Back Office be purchased and set up accordingly
Sundry Reports
605 Care givers view or print copies of their current school fee statements
232 Create tag sets based on various criteria (Year Level, Class, User Defined, Co-Curric etc).
Saved tag sets can be used in various controls including, Student Personal Development, Student Co-Curric Data Entry or emails for Subject Selection or Profile Update.
Teacher Timetable
Also affected by
Presents teacher classes in a timetable grid – sensitive to logged on teacher.
Print timetable, quick links for each lesson do:Attendance roll marking  (with alerts and link to student behaviour).Class list reports, Student based reports.
User Account Management
1101 Administrators use the User Account Management control to send an ‘invitation’ emails to Teachers, Students or Care givers with link to logon to the Spider Portal.