Spider Interface

The desktop is a place where staff can place their “Favourite” controls for quick access to the ones they use the most. The “Alert Dashboard” is designed to show users important messages as they log in. Users can now select their own starting page and schools can configure the controls to either open a new tab or open within the current tab. For a video preview of the single tab option and how to activate it, click here.

For a full menu map, click here.

Home Page Interface (Spider 2016)
Home Page Interface (Spider 2018)
Alert Panel (Moved from top bar in Spider 2018)
Control Page Icons
Alert Message Bar
Quick Links – My Classes/Teacher Timetable

^ Home Page (2016 Spider)


  1. Configurable top banner.
  2. Drop down menu to show user details.
  3. Menu filter to show associated controls
  4. Controls are  available within the menu structure.
  5. Alert Panel Show/Hide button (Currently showing on the Quick Links, Behaviours Notes from Workflows, eForms and current Online Subject Selections)
    For more detailed information, click here
  6. Configurable control interface


  1. The “clubbed” control will have the links to the various aspects of the control that the user has security for.
  2. The user can remove the control from their desktop.

^ Alert Panel (2016 Spider)

The Alert Panel is designed to give immediate access to alerts and tasks that the logged in user may need to address. The functionality of this will grow in time. Below is a summary of what is currently available within the dashboard.


  1.  The Dashboard appears with a lightly shaded background.
  2. Dashboard Toggle On/Off button, used to hide or show the dashboard. The dashboard always appears on login.
  3. “Quick Links” are added by the school. They can be targeted at a user type (Staff, Student or Caregiver).
  4. eForms appear here. They can be targeted at a user type/s (Staff, Student or Caregiver).
  5. If using PCSchool’s Calendar, the Daily Messages link automatically appears for quick access to the day’s messages.
  6. If using the “Online Profile Update”, a link for caregivers is automatically created here when emailed to them.
  7. A link to the eForms you have submitted.
  8. A list of the logged in teacher’s classes for the day.
  9. Reminders sent after a set number of days for uncompleted behaviour actions.
  10. Reported student behaviour that needs your attention.


  1. Parents using the PCSchool APP can push messages to staff. Messages from the App appear here.

Home Page and Notification Panel (2018 Spider)

  1. The menu drop-down has been replaced by icons on the left hand side of the desktop. Hovering over the appropriate icon will expand the menu options available. This replaces the previous drop-down.
  2. The username and security information has been shifted to the right hand side
  3. A new “Notification Panel” has been introduced. This consolidates the options that used to run across the top of the desktop.
  4. A new feature of the quick links is to allow links to be shown on the panel without the user having to select them from a drop-down

Menu Selection (Spider 2018)

By hovering over the left hand side icons, the menu map will appear. This allows users to see all available options without having to look into each category.

^ Control Page Icons


icon2 Log Out of Spider
icon3  Add to Portal Home Page (Desktop will need refreshing or you will need to Log Out then In to see the change)
heart-icon  Love this page – you can set this to Auto-launch when you sign into Spider instead of showing your Home Page
house Return to your Home Page
icon4  Help information for this page/section
icon5  Toggle between show/hide the Search screen


^ Alert Message Bars

The alert message bars provide a visual clue that there is information pertaining to one of the following categories about the student. Clicking the bars shows a summary of the information. It is important that staff are aware that when using this feature, accidental sharing of this information can occur if the display is open to the public eg roll marking connected to a whiteboard.



Dark Blue Student Alert Message (Medical Tab)
Light Blue Family Alert Message (Fam Misc>Parents Tab)
Lime Green Special Needs Overall Level (Personal Tab), as well as the description for the ALERT type entries.
Olive Green Medical Conditions (Medical tab)
Pink Boarder Status (Based on boarder codes within sysfile)
Light Brown Enrolment Status (Foreign Fee)

^ Quick Links – My Classes and Teacher Timetable

spider-icon-class-reports Class Reports This icon opens the Class Reports screen. The new report printing options allow for a “Quick Print” option so the user does not need to make any additional choices when printing.
spider-icon-export-class-reports Export Class List Exporting the class list in a CSV format has never been easier. The file is automatically downloaded for use in other applications such as Excel.
spider-icon-email Email The email option allows staff to quickly email their class. It allows student’s caregivers to be selected, as well as other associated staff. Students can be excluded from the initial selection and an additional recipients added.
spider-icon-class-docuemnts Class Documents Class Documents opens the Document Explorer for the class of students. It shows the individual students folders, based on the teachers security. This allows staff to see documents that have been stored against the individual students, as well as copying in homework documents to the year level or subject folders.
spider-icon-homework-for-class Homework for Class This icon allows homework for the class to be posted on the calendar. It can include attachments and have a priority set against it.
spider-icon-subject-and-assessment Subject and Assessment This icon shows the subject information for the selected class, as well as the current assigned areas of assessment.
spider-icon-otj-result-entryt OTJ Result Entry The OTJ Result Entry allows teachers quick access to enter the Overall Teacher Judgements for their subjects.
spider-icon-attendance-analysis Attendance Analysis Using this icon shows an analysis of the attendance for the class
spider-icon-markbook Mark book If using mark books, this icon auto populates the subject’s mark book with the class ready for marks to be entered.
spider-icon-result-entry Result Entry Result Entry will launch the result entry control with the current class reading for entering assessment data.
spider-icon-roll-marking Roll Marking One-click access to mark the class roll.