Change Log (Spider)
MAJOR New encryption for external links activated (Requires 2019.08.?? PCSQ on all Back Office clients after Spider install and REPUBLISHING of public eForms)
— Timetable “Headings” added into Unmarked Roll notification template from Spider
— Granular communication settings take affect for Freedom schools in “General Messaging”
— New NCCD securities implemented (Medical Action Plan, NCCD, Modified Program)
— Payment Portal donations filterable by date range
— Ability to change Attendance Code submitted by App prior to processing
— Library table verification process introduced
— App Absence attachment message customisable
— Dynamic reasons for absence in App now showing
— New App messaging process implemented
— App now shows external calendar if set
— SMS length warning for SMS messages over 160 characters

— Spider log restricted to logged in user with Portal Admin security
— Single Touch Payroll (Australian Schools) change to allow employee to be flagged as “Tax Ready”
— Comment Bank issue addressed with replacement of particular characters
— NCCD functionality adjusted

— Forgot Password Reset for Freedom caregivers fixed
“Auto Filter” of securities on login replaced by control based filtering
— Unmarked rolls discrepancy addressed
— New “Left Side Bar” customisation options added to “Portal Branding”
— New configuration under “Configure the SPIDER-WEB info” to hide images on the desktop menu items boxes
— Secure Comment warning if Spider is unable to decrypt Back Office secure comments
— BPay Reference for new accounts issue fixed
— Security rename: (Doc Man. Staff to Doc Man Staff Secured, Doc man. Family to Doc Man. Staff Secured, Doc Man. Student to Doc Man. Student Secured, Doc Man. Creditors to Doc Man. Creditors Secured). No change to functionality.

2019.04.26.0510 – 2019.04.26.0515
— Fix for SMS not returning polled message in General Messaging
— Login denial for default leave date addressed
— Spider Config key added to allow hiding Photo Privacy in Student Info
— Staff Home email now saving into both Freedom and Teacher tables.
— Freedom Caregiver Address saving refined
— “Arrival and Departure” and “Student Timetable” report launch enabled in Spider
— Special Day not showing in timetable/absences for specific year level addressed
— Spider sensitive to Restrict by Year in Report Settings
— Attendance Code creation in back office enhanced
— Ability to adjust/save attendance codes in Spider added
— New views added to Data Mining (Identity Origins, Identity User Defined Global, Address Link)

— NZ “Same Day” Payroll released
— Ability to classify subject to hide from “My Classes” control
— Fix to “Student Information” email address not showing
— Internal updates to “Payment Portal” control

— Security objects updated
New security functionality
— My Classes email default set to Students only selected initially
— Additional securities added to Student Management for Freedom schools

— Internal security enhancements
— REPORT: New detailed Special Needs report added to Form Class and Subject launches
— Data Mining export not restricted to record view restriction
— Messaging General icon colour change to red to indicate missing data
Email control relabelled to (Superseded) – use Messaging General for Email/SMS/Push
New Zealand MOE Return functionality added
— Group absence now sensitive to Timetable Cycle days as well as Week days
— Improved Calendar Management data validation for adding URL’s and Attachments
— Email body text wrapping improved
— Updates to Payroll
— Order Entry: Search by “Ordered By”
— Student and Caregiver Management: Search by phone fixed
— Ability to customise “Home Page” help added
— New Data Mine views added to the tables list
— Ability to sort Tagset list by clicking column name

— Electronic Bank Rec updates – drill-down added
— New Reports Added (Photo Privacy, Absent Day Count for Date Range)

— Fix for a Data Mining relationship linkages
— Data Mining “Distinct” error resolved
— Tweaks to “Freedom” contact information selection in communications
— Link to Family Shared documents in Debtor Dashboard
— New features added to Finance Dashboard
— Sign In/Out module released for all schools
— OnLine Order Entry – Sensitive to staff roles and date completed field
— New Pre-Freedom checks added to Freedom page
— Bank Reconciliation updated with new import options and enhanced matching features
— Payroll Options available on request

— Code added to prevent Spider Login until successful script update

— Issue with potential duplicate roll# resolved
— Removal of future absences removes equivalent roll record
— Removal of previous absences adjusts roll record to present
— Attaching documents when using Edge resolved

— Attendance anomaly addressed

— eForm accepts apostrophe in submission
— Single Touch payroll enhancements
— Vehicle and Role tables added to Data Mining

— New Data Mining view added – Student linked to Alumni Relations
— Student Medical Entry added to Freedom Student Management
— Support due date for FileBound web services
— Rich Text Editor in Special Needs for Spider

— Single Touch Payroll – updated validation DLL
— Debtor Dashboard security enhanced

— Single Touch Payroll functionality
— Find Student control to enable single/groups of students to be readily located
— Data Mining – Freedom relationships added
— Browser Tab Branding added
— Boarder code issue addressed
— “My Timetable” sensitive to timetabled teacher, not just allocated teacher
— Added functionality catered for App Absent Message processing (specific to App)
— Debtor Dashboard rename Account Information
— Suppression of “My Securities” view for student/caregiver logins
— Updated functionality of “Group Absence Entry” and “Unmarked Rolls”
— Ability to select a template within General Messaging control
— New “Show Eldest” report released (Class Reports)
— Custom Behaviour Notes fix
— Photo Privacy Status shows in hover bars

— Attachments added to Guidance Module
— Additional Freedom screens made sensitive to user re-labelling
— Tweaks to Interview Bookings for Freedom schools
— Photo Privacy information added to student hover bars
— Boarder Status appears under student image in “Student View”
— Advanced search added to Tagged Sets for new email control

— GO button renamed as “Emergency Report Launch”, now under username drop-down
— Email V2 has new options for selecting Deans, Co-curric… as per original email control when launched from My Classes (Press * under initial student selection)
— GO (Emergency Report) button added into Spider
— Continued functionality for Freedom schools
— Original Family Status view-able within Freedom User Management

— New Payment Portal Interface
— New pop-out menu structure
— Freedom readiness for current controls
— Enhanced Student Management for Freedom schools
— Enhanced messaging functionality
— Enhanced roll auditing
— New Notification panel
— Quicklinks enhancements (allow defaults to be pinned)
— More student based option available in pop-ups
— Student image available with roll marking (click name)
— New Zealand 2017 standards stats added
— Online Order entry now caters for “Print Range” projects for work flows

— Addressed “Overdue Roll” date format error
— Enhanced email log filtering
— Internal tweaks to eForm control

— Calendar Preview button enhanced features
— Group Absence over-write options added
— NZ PAT result module released
— Attendance Analysis – leavers issue addressed
— eForm validation tweaks
— Debtor Summary Control released
— Ongoing performance enhancements

— Second SMS provider provisioning
— Online Activity Selection emailing issue addressed
— Online Subject Selection preview fix
— eForm workflow fix + minor tweaks to address misc issues
— Attendance flow tweaks made based on user feedback
— Predefined reasons added to Absence Entry
— Date range for Absence Entry added
— Colour added to Student Timetable
— Code complete to allow for Azure integration
— Configuration to hide Timetable Summary and Notifications on Spider Desktop page
— Library – Manual accession number able to be entered when creating catlogue
— Library – Issue with patrons unable to re-issue book again addressed

— SMS Messaging country parameter added
— Absence Review configurations added to allow greater date range

— EN TagSet add fixed
— Learning Program panel renamed
— Hide default authenticating user’s password from new Messaging control

— EN “Exclude Years” implemented
— Wording change for EN control window
— EN Template to mobile fixed

— Attendance Flow released
— Calendar’s Preview fixed

— Issue with Email v2 “Additional Recipient” addressed
— Calendar’s Daily Message fixed
— Inset image into Email v2 addressed
— EN attendance search addressed

— Minor issues with Email v2 addressed
— Some tweaks to Data Mining

— Roll marking issue addressed
— App incompatibility addressed
— Guidance module update

2017.08.21 (Conference 2017 Edition)
— Online Order Entry fix when editing orders (Workflow amount update)
— Disabling of Database Explorer (Can re re-enabled at school’s request)
— Quick Student Data Entry Attendance released
— Enhanced eForm features
— Enhanced Assessment Analysis tools released
— New messaging control (new email interface with PUSH and SMS)
— Enhanced TagSet with introduction of Dynamic TagSets
— Improved Guidance Counsellor analysis tools
— New Learning Programmes Module introduced
— New Payment Portal Layout (not initially released be can be enabled by request)
— FACTS Integration module
— New background images included for schools without customised branding

— Minor script change for Freedom script for schools using 2017.06.13
— Verification of indexes during install (may take some time on first update)
— Shared “Home Classes” can now be roll marked from My Classes.
— Leavers from current year available within email control

— Fix to address potential security issue
— Initial rework of logic to address NSW use of “attendance code “F” for 2 reasons
— New Absence Review control released
— Configuration to turn Alert Bars off for Absence Entry (Roll Marking) added

— Refresh button added to home page near teacher’s timetable
— Alert bar hover reinstated

— Report launch seeding corrected on “Teacher Timetable v2” launch
— Student timetable responsive to supervisions
— Order entry enhancements (ability to edit orders)
— Fix misreporting of unmarked rolls

— Attendance control performance enhancements
— Absent Review 2 development (yet to be released)
— Minor eForm issue addressed
— Web Activity control developed (Portal Administration)
— “Late” warning configuration to only show late warning if with set time period (45 mins default)
— “My Timetable” on homepage has status icons to left of period showing number marked/class size
— Configuration created to show roll marked colour as student name background in Absent Entry

— Updated procedure to cater for Freedom Model
— Updated logic for Behaviour Workflows to Subject Teachers (Sent to all if no subject nominated)

— New security added to control “Student Info – Ethnicity” tab
— eForm tweaks for existing features
— Truancy Code logic for status introduced
— Additional eForm objects added
— Additional Behaviour Workflow actions added

— Study period change with Absent Review fixed
— Profile Update user-defined logic updated to cater for multiple values
— Roll marking Special Days enhanced to cater for double marking
— ‘N’ code logic implemented to suppress unmarked roll message
— Previous roll reason cleared for next selection
— New Attendance reports added
— Data Mining “Identity” table fixed

— Fix to address “Average” function within markbook when spaces present
— Roll marking issue for ENROL/VSR flagging addressed
— Incident Tracker text boxes default view expanded
— Date search added to Guidance control
— Profile Update security requirement removed from caregiver
— Select All option added to reason change in roll marking
— IE lag issue addressed within roll marking

— enhanced eForm 2 functionality including answer export
— additional code added to quick select roll marking
— Early/Late warning if record exists from within roll marking
— year level listing now based on Numeric_Equivalence
— email and Behaviour notes added to student drop-downs
— quick student data access spread to 3 columns
— NSW roll marking of ‘X’  to allow change to ‘?’ fixed
— NZ MOE reports updated for 2017
— alert messages change from hover to click
— data-mining export exports ALL records regardless of record filter selection
— tab order in Student Information changed to caregivers (Absences first)
— subject period for caregivers/students restricted to periods student has subjects in
— save for multi-periods in roll marking added
— new student name constructs available for roll marking…

— Additional eForm Validation added
— eForm Radio Button – no preselect if more than one option
— eForm – Issue with data field not found addressed
— Calendar – Personal Message save button shows no other security allocated

— eForms – various enhancements/fixes
— Absence Entry – internal logic changes to cater for new Status Code

— Reintroduced the validations in filebound data transfer
— Data mining issue addressd to allow date based search
— New notification panel released
— eForms v2, Absent Entry, My Classes v2, Teacher Timetable v2 released
— Storing * through roll marking
— Courses module from timetable / My Classed– fix in YEAR in – DBEXPLORER
— Dynamic non-roll code and deletion of absence
— My classes/Absence Entry/Teacher Timetable – document viewer not opening addressed

— Fixed date change in student info timetable not working
— Datamining fix for codemast, codetype, workarea from main workarea when the users selecting other workareas
— Breakset to show only tagged one in subject area descriptor screen

— Login box centralized – fix in theme
— Capitalisation on controls fixed
— Student Medical Entry to get images based on db table

— 2016 NZSSSC Census changes
— mark-book – previous year students data – showing orange if they changed class

— Roll marking fix – roll#
— Show subjects based on exclude_lms <> ‘Y’
— Library – catalogue, series and loan type fix
— Roll marking – show error in ROLL index issue
— Library – new interface for loan types
— New login screen
— Configuration – portal branding – login screen support
— Bank reconciliation – to be released
— App messaging search filter on all messages – fix
— Login bug fix in styles
— Search option change in identity – for staff – added C
— Finance conference control updates
— Identity – screen in spider
— Order entry – show correct numbers if someone has changed status of order to cancelled / approved in PCSchool

— Email selection based on alumrel was showing Dad as domicile – default condition, removed
— Database Explorer – added [] to avoid numeric database name
— App Critical Version changes
— Change to Filebound save call return value
— Web based library fixes

— Project ID to show in list / add new – disabled control enabling // finance project / workflow screen
— Document Manager encryption change
— Filebound web service and business layer (Not yet released)
— Addressed Student Timetable showing null date
— Guidance print and statistics print + date_range selection (Not yet released)
— Order details from project list page
— Accounts receivable for conference (Not yet released)
— Hide subject from result entry ONLY – based on curriculum control file
— App changes to Communication pa
— PCSentry App changes – for Edutech Conference
— Markbook load and download to show same set of data addressed
— Tagset “Staff Subject Taught” *C issue fixed
— Quicklink Profile update No records error fixed.

— Guidance ethnicity/intervention print (Not yet released)

— Incident securities to be based on Category and Type
— Student Information – hide the alert from the medical tab
— Year to be shown in student advanced search listing + “Option” relabelled to “Select”
— Guidance print as per format provided

— Home page refresh fix
— Student Information from my classes now showing alert message
— Data mining – in condition fix (single quotes)

— Absence Entry v2 allowing the change to unexplained on the student name double click resolved
— eForm status in the link. Removed the word ‘Approved’ as the link says whether its completed
— Markbook sort issue fix (if the student doesn’t take the subject)
— Datamining to look for qmain/sub from main workarea
— Datamining new soft relation with a relabelled table column – error in case statement fixed
— Order Workflow email decryption – removed space with + to make it valid. Otherwise resulting in base-64 decryption failure
— Profile update Quick-link fix – was showing incorrectly for departed students
— Order entry view all orders or mine only – based on 542 security with EDIT permission
— Order project listing – edit button to show a view of project details even if there are active orders
— Search teacher timetable wasnt working on student login – fixed the code
— Order entry changes – GST, without / without + item comments
— Constructed Home Class
— 429 security also added to BEHAVOURNOTES link from Student Information
— Show the actual menu name, if there is only one item (so no drop down) in the menu (not the root menu name)
— Avoided caching in applypersonalisation event in Student Information
— Personal markbooks to show only based on class otherwise each teacher can see other teachers personal markbook (same subject same year different class)
— Markbook previous years – new logic (eg: mkbook for yr 12 and having students of past year as year 11 and current year as year ss)– manage favourites only possible for staff

— new security based image retrieval
— relabelling of fields in medical tab in Student Information- reset password login page URL change
— “Add to favourites” will work only for Staff logins

— New markbook changes / database helper
— Incident Tracker student details to show now + close button fixed

— markbook null checking for new changes

— tagset fix when trying to send email from eForm

– eForm student drop-down addressed

– markbook issue on selecting breaks of previous periods/subjects fixed
– eForm – feature enhancement – admins can hide selected questions from originator
– eForms can be deleted/disabled including responses
– email template message can be stored within each eForm
– new time periods catered for (not released)
– new roll listing logic (not released)
– app device update listing
–  guidance basics

– Update security scripts and update NULL pages in syswebparts

– Update security scripts
– Adjustments to period selection procedure in preparation for up and coming controls
– bug fix for multi periods to show the first period – old absence entry
– link from home page to new absence entry

– bug fix – eForm – ADMIN question disabled for some users

– Added more contrast to ALERT message in Student Info
– Corrected “Connection” error within installer to allow all scripts to run

– Removed Crystal Runtime form installer and added it as a download link
– Created new security items
– Scripted the renaming of some security items as per newsletter

– Added switch to Crystal installer to allow upgrade of existing 32 bit install

– Student options security in absence entry
– App messaging / communication
– Bug fix for security drop down in student absences/lates
– Save favourites made faster and less resource utilization
– Markbook save routine – made faster
– Change password based on configuration
– Students not in current year is now hidden from caregivers and students
– Crystal Report update for 32 bit crystal within installer
– Profile Update Admin shifted to own menu item

– If there are no favourites for a student or caregiver, they will get a set of controls based on their security
– Timetable in student information – fix for start / end times based on year level based time-periods
– Change in time period propagation interface in spider to load only data not set as trigger
– Prevent favourites in home page repeating the quick link section
– Timetable for a day for app – to show only the records with data
– Portal Branding introduced
– Timetable for teacher for that day in Quick Links
– Student timetable in student view to show the teacher
– Timetable periods to save trigger information
– Multi period selection
– Added medical alert / nationality in student info
– Change in user control for student – getting minimum data to make it faster
– Quick Links based on security 981 access
– Added new feature for selecting multiple resources for booking.

– NSN added to student view
– New security item added for Calendar Link

– Added “Clone” user option for Portal Administration control
– Class reports – year selection bug fix
– Assessment_option issue with student login / student information for types other than internal / external- Issue with archive documents
– Issue with no links in administration loading popups
– Scrolling of data in config management
– Allow the permissions to be preselected when you tick a security in manage securities
– Medical tab based on security not showing data by default
– Ordering of data in my securities
– Issue with the add to favourites not working
– Daily message on Quicklinks

– Preparation for new absent code table
– Added teacher filter on Identity and Favourite Portal Administration control
– Sorted the hiding of the Manage Spider securities popup hiding when the identities screen is closed (user feedback)
– ADD this user – change of text
– Show departed relabelling
– Issues with PCSchool timetable header update

– Minor issue with assessments addressed
– Administration page – changes in messaging
– Student’s dean is now showing
– Document manager – shows restricted folder
– Student – error when there is no timetable
– Timetable – fixed issue of not showing roll marking button on AM period
– Addressed issue on menu/personalisation and merging of ssfields when CREATE / ASSOCIATE groups
– Fixed the random loading of personalised data (so now its always fixed)
– NZQA reporting screen – assessment data not clearing when student is changed
– Age now showing for student/caregiver
– Fixed refresh from menu duplicating in dashboard
– Now shows departed students in advanced search
– Duplication of data if the student doesn’t have a year in subject assigned – my classes fixed

– Student Information security adjusted
– Resource Booking menu fixed

– eForm ID to new User Defined field conversion issue addressed
– Roll Marking V2 control security addressed
– Security refinements within new Student Information control

– New responsive “Student Information” control
– New security driven menu
– New desktop interface
– New “Dashboard” introduced for Hyper-links and other alert messages
– Enhanced “Hyper-link” management with sort orders and user type functionality
– Removal of ‘Template” user
– App management tool introduced
– eForm ID field move to new User Defined field (out of Comment  field)

– Changed “Online Profile Update” to update DETYA address fields as well

2015.12.04– change to eForm to prevent deleting of Decision Questions once instigated in workflow
– Remove of the “Not Selected” option to compulsory questions on the eForm
– Changes to Spider’s configuration file in preparation for app release
– Changes to Spider’s configuration for .woff font extension
– Changes to Spider’s configuration for error messaging

– enhanced the comments in result entry to accept any number of characters, previously it was 4000

– Behaviour notes fix – if there is a default setup through Spider
– Gate Keeper – Visitors Spider had old version of a stored procedure
– Markbook – fix for student with same standard more than once
-Order email template – added order description
-Order status page (email link page), added order description
– Agent Post code length increased to 8
– Agent/Homestay Address details are taken from Identity
-Document Manger – Remove empty zip file within restricted folders

Fixed error in “My Classes” when pressing “Export Class List” button

Refinements to the Co-curricular NZSSSC control
Staff name added to list when first opening “Document Explorer”

Budget Dashboard issue addressed
eForm cloning – rename eForm fixed
Co-curricula changes for NZSSSC report

Co-curricular name selection issue  addressed
Minor Order Entry changes

Minor Order Entry issue fixed

Allow ampersands within stock codes for Order Entry

Live Data control for NZQA, NCEA, NAPLAN and Attendance
Co-curricular control added to allow NZSCCC report to be created