Spider – Printing Options

Spider offers 3 main options when printing detailed below. Although “Reports” within a school context often refer to academic progress, reports in this article refer to lists, profiles, and any other form of presentation of your data.

  1. spider-report-printing-optionsThis column shows the description of the report. This can be changed by the school
  2. [Quick Print] will download the report as a .PDF file using the default selection parameter. It will not prompt the user.
  3. [Advanced Print] will download the report as a .PDF file but will prompt for additional selection criteria. This is explained below.
  4. [View] will prompt for additional selection criteria, then show the report in a preview window. Options for this are explained below.




  1. Based on where the report was launched form, the options that can be selected are shown. At this point, these can be changed.
  2. Using a Tagset will over-ride the selection above. This allows unique combinations of students to be selected.
  3. This option will download or view the report based on the above selection. It will show [View Report] is you can into this from the [View] option



  1. Print Button to send the report to the printer
  2. Refresh re-reads the data to see if any changes have been made to the data since its preview
  3. Report export options shown below
  4. The Find… option allows you to search for information within the report
  5. Page forward/back buttons
  6. You can type a page number in here to go directly to a particular page
  7. Zoom allows you to magnify/reduce the view