Performing an SQL Backup from within Back Office

You can now do an SQL Backup within Back office PCSchool. This can be used if your IT support are not available prior to making any major changes, such as end of year procedures. This process uses the default location of the SQL Server’s backup location, which is unchangeable, so you may not have access to it without a login to the SQL Server.

Scholastic >Help>About> This is available from Version 2016.0.0.421

Select: Utilities>Work Area Maintenance>

  1. Select the work area you wish to backup
  2. Press [Backup SQL Database]

You can change description to reflect the purpose of the backup. Press [OK] when ready to start the backup.

A popup screen will then show: “Backing up PCSchool to PCSchool  (YYMMDD and time). BAK”

Once completed you will get: “Done Backup Successful”

(If you get a error message – it means the backup has failed. Talk with your IT Staff as it may be that the server is running out of space or the backup path is not set to a valid location.)