STAR Funded Reporting for MOE

The new STAR FUNDED Key Area is stored under Student View –> Enrolment -> User Defined, with the other NZQA related information for students. If required, this is also where you would delete it from. The process of creating these areas is outlined below.

Create a STAR Funded Key Area:
Path: System Functions –> Curriculum Control Files –> Key Areas


Create your Area of Assessment to link to the subject
Path: System Functions –> Curriculum Control Files –> Create New AoA

Ensure that this area of assessment has been allocated to the appropriate students. Once the allocation process has been completed, prepare a NZQA file. The file does not need to be used as it is the creating process of this file that creates the appropriate entry for STAR reporting.


If for any reason the area needs to be removed from a student, you can highlight it here and click the delete button to remove it. It is also possible to add a manual entry fro within this area.