Student Medical

Path: Spider >  Staff General > Student Information > Student Medical Entry

  1. [Student] select your student
  2. [Conditions] type in your message
  3. Select if required [Ambulance, Paracetemol etc]
  4. Select if required [see File, Asthma etc]
  5. Fill in the necessary fields if required
  6. [Vaccination History] complete or view [SAVE] if a change
  7. [Medical History] shows if any history
  8. [Medical Entry] to enter medical incident

  1. Enter details in the relevant boxes

Note:  [Result] – to add additional codes will be in the Maintenance Code > MedResult

[Type]    – to add additional codes will be in the Maintenance Codes > MedType

  1. [Notified Caregiver] you can email the caregiver that the student has had medical treatment.
  2. [Save & Launch Email]
  3. [Save Entry]

Launch Email

  1. Select you you wish to send the email to e.g. in this case would be the [Primary Caregiver’s]
  2. The email address of the person you are sending to will appear in the box – tick who you wish to send email too  (note you can other email address here if required)
  3. [Go to Email Interface]

Example of email that is sent: