‘My Timetable for today’ on Home Page refresh button

Available in Spider Version 2017.05.15 or greater.

When staff first log into PCSchool Spider they will usually be presented with the main Home Page. The teachers ‘Timetable for Today’ should appear at the top left of the screen, providing links to classes requiring roll marking.

  • Beside each class / period will be either a:
    •  red cross – indicating the roll has not been marked (all students are still ‘unmarked’)
    •  blue asterisk – indicating the roll is only partially marked (some students in the class are ‘unmarked’)
    • green tick – indicating the all students in the roll have been marked.

NOTE: if you hover your mouse over each class it will show you how many students in the class have been marked (eg 25/28 students marked)

These icons will only update if the Home Page is refreshed (by using F5 on the keyboard or logging off and back into Spider) or by clicking the new ‘refresh’ icon at the top of the control.

PCSchool My timetable for today refresh button

PCSchool My timetable for today refresh button