Timetable V2

Click here for a video overview of the Timetable V2 control

You will need to be on Spider Version 2016.10.?? or greater to see this new look Teacher Timetable V2. The opening screen shows a full week’s timetable for the displayed teacher centred around the selected date. If the date is not a timetabled day, it will move to the first day in the timetable. The timetable is based on the setup of the Timetable Periods which changed in at the beginning of 2016 to cater for more complex timetable layouts requested by school. For further information about setting up Timetable Periods, click here.


  1. Clicking on icon 1 will open the roll marking window for that period’s class.
  2. As shown below, this icon shows the class list for that period’s class, with related Student Information available.



  1. A full class list for the selected class displays to the right of the timetable, including:
  2. Full Class related options. Click here for more detail.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to the left of the student’s name to reveal the available options related to individual student.
  4. Hover over the colour coded alert bars to see Alert Information. Click here for more detail.
  5. The red dot indicates that the student has unexplained absences during the past 30 days, click to view.
  6. When the roll has been marked, the background is white. unmarked roll show in orange.