Transferring a Asset to a new ledger code

  • If you have accidently made up a new asset and have assigned the wrong ledger code or
  • Want to assign an existing asset to a different ledger code

Make sure you have Finance version 2016.0.0.132 or higher

Select the Asset to change

  1. Select [Status] Transferred to Alternate Ledger Acc.
  2. Popup box will tell you to enter transfer date in – select OK
  3. Enter [Transfer Date]
  4. Enter [New Ledger Code]
  5. SAVE

Run a report to show you the Transferred out items – as per screen shot:

e.g. of report showing asset that has been transferred out 


e.g. of report using [Status] – Ledger Transfer Pending

NOTE:  The original asset will show until you run your Depreciation for month or year.




Run the Depreciation report:

e.g.  Shows the Asset Transferred Out



E.g. of the Asset now transferred In


Finalise your Depreciation