Add or Remove my Favourites

Favourites allow a staff user to quickly access chosen controls instead of using the menu.

Favourites are controls that show on your Spider homepage for fast access. Some controls are grouped together based on their category, such as Calendar Setup and Calendar Preview (highly related although the former will only be available to few users).

For staff, these controls are likely to be the ones you use most often. Teaching staff would most likely use “Absence Entry” (Roll Marking), “Student Information,” “Result Entry,” and possibly one or two others. Favourites are unique to the user and can be added and removed by individual users or updated in bulk using Portal Administration.

Student and Caregiver logins do not get the option to change their favourites. In the case of a Student or Caregiver login, all controls they have security for will show.

Add or Remove a Control from my Favourites

To add a control to your own favourites, first open the control you want to favourite.


1.  There will be a button in the top-right hand corner of the webpage that allows you to Add to or Remove it from the homepage.

Once this is done, you can refresh your favourites or reload the homepage (press [F5] button) and the new Favourite will appear.