Voluntary Letters for Freedom Schools only

Please make sure you have the following:

  • Latest followup Version 2018.0.304

  • Be using Print tray 2019

Step 1:  Transfer all Sundries (Voluntary cost centres) to Voluntary

click here to download (NO TO SPLIT BILLING) as they have already split

Step 2:  Check your Sundry report

Make sure that all donation cost centres have gone over to your Voluntary Tab – so there should be no paid transactions remaining.


Step 3:  Run your Voluntary Letter

Path:  Debtors > Voluntary Contribution Reports


  1. Select the range of Families you wish to send letters too
  2. Select [Date range]
  3. [Select Item No.] you wish to print letters for
  4. [Report Selection] select your letter style – most schools will be as per screen shot unless you have your own report designed for your school
  5. [Print Option] select [PRINT ALL] this will email and print out ones that do not have email addresses
  6. Suggest [Print to Window] to check the letters first then [Export to Mail]  to email them
  7. [Print based on which address option] select [ACCOUNT]  as if you do Account & Alt Acc will send the same statement to both and they both can not claim the donation
  8. [Export File Settings] if you wish to save to document manager – please select  relevant details
  9. [Print Individually] tick this
  10. [PRINT]


This will then open your PSCQ follow usual instructions to send out the emails,  make sure you have the correct Printer selected so it can print the non email ones out.