SES Funding (completed every 4 years) due End of August (old)

Note: Full Fee Paying Students, Full Time Distance Education Students and Pre-School students are not eligible.

If you have Full Fee Paying Students or Full Time Distance Education Students change their year level out of the range 1-12 temporarily.

A  –  DEST Number -stored in the System File as DETYA CODE.
B  –  Campus (suppressed if 0)
C  –  Student Record Number- stored in PCSchool as Student# (not able to be viewed on screen)
D through to M – address details – stored in Student View-Address-DETYA.
Note: there can be no Post Office Box addresses.
– there can be no punctuation marks in any field
O –  Boarders – This compares the status in the student view with the status for boarders in the System File.


For Qld & SA states – please download and put on your server under PCSchool>Reports>SQL

SESTEST7 report

STEP 1: Print this report first to check your data 

Path:  Scholastic>Administration>Student Summary Reports > Govt. Reports

Select the correct report (Qld & SA – now to use SESTEST7 as shown on screen)

Select [Print]  this report.



STEP 2: Once the report is correct – run the report  DETYA7.Rpt as per example

To create a .csv file to upload:


  1. Click on [Export to File]
  2. Select format as (CSV)
  3. OK  >  OK and Ok until it asks where you would like to save the file
  4. SAVE the file to desktop or a file for easy access – select  SAVE


STEP 3:   You can open the saved file and check data


STEP 4:  Uploading the file to your Government  – correct any errors

Note:  you might have to delete the data in column B if zero